About Seabook

Seabook is a Free News headline aggregator that tracks 5000 News Sources and 'Keywords' that get talked about in more than 70,000 articles it follows each day and then sends them vide email based on each  reader's interests.

Sites included on Seabook

Seabook works to organize news based on user interest. To do this, we include a wide array of different kinds of sites and publications with a huge range of perspectives and opinions. Sites included in Seabook should follow some basic quality guidelines to ensure the best possible user experience.

If you'd like a site to be included in Seabook, apply for inclusion to feedback@seabook.net. While we can't guarantee that we'll add the source you recommended, we'll be happy to review it. Additionally, if you see a site that you believe is in violation of our guidelines, please let us know.

Dates in Seabook

The date displayed next to each news headline is as published by the source website.  To give you the most recent news the email news service is limited to news that appears in the last 24 hrs only.

Features on Seabook

Seabook allows you to subscribe to News Headlines covering 2 main categories.

  1. INTERESTS : Covering International News – from BBC, CNN, Reuters, etc; Area News – from Country and City to Regional News; Finance News from major publications; and a Popular sections that cover Entertainment, Shipping, Health & Fitness, etc
  2. KEYWORDS: Trending Sports & Entertainmeent Personality and General Interest Keywords like MERS, Greece Elections, etc which you can either select from the Default List or create your own customized Keyword.  

Users can get twice daily news in their crew mail or registered mail as also can get News On Demand at anytime by sending an email to subscribe@seabook.net with the subject ‘Send Now’.

Users can also remotely subscribe/unsubscribe to both INTERESTS and KEYWORDS using emails requests through following steps –

1. Get the complete list of INTERESTS and standard KEYWORDS by sending an email to subscribe@seabook.net with the subject ‘list’

2. Now start to subscribe or unsubscribe both Keywords and Interests using below email formats.  

Action required

Send Email to

Subject Words


Subscribe to a KEYWORD


Keyword <interest>

Keyword OBAMA

Unsubscribe to a KEYWORD


unsubscribe <interest>

Unsubscribe MERS

Subscribe to a INTEREST


subscribe <interest>

Subscribe CNN

Unsubscribe to a INTEREST


unsubscribe <interest>

Unsubscribe Mumbai

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Please add no-reply@seabook.net and feedback@seabook.net to your contact list for uninterrupted news